Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of TamilChatting.com

  • TamilChatting.com does not keep records and logs of the chat or discussions that happen in the chat rooms that are in the main (lobby) or private chats.
    It uses third-party servers and services (i.e. HybridIRC). Users enter the chat room at their own risk and hold all responsibility for what they experience in the chat rooms.
  • When you enter the chat room, you hold all the responsibility for any and all interactions that take place. TamilChatting.com does not hold any responsibility for the outcome, actions, or words of users in chat rooms.
  • TamilChatting can not guarantee that there will be users in the chat rooms who use vulgar, lewd, profane, insulting, racist, or sexual language.
  • TamilChatting Chat is not responsible for any result that comes from information shared/received or people met in the chat rooms.
  • TamilChatting is not responsible for attacks on another person’s religion, race, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender, or any kind of harassment and neither is responsible for those who try to promote businesses or products within the chat room.
  • Those who accept any and all information received in the chat rooms in face hold all responsibility for any and all outcomes of taking and acting on this information.

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